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Diamond Girdle

Girdle: The band around the widest part of a diamond.

Girdle Parameters are as follows

Extremely Thin (EXTN, ET, XT, EXN) - May be prone to chipping or breaking; care should be taken when setting stone

Very Thin (VTN, VT, VETN) - Very Good gemstone proportion; care should be taken when setting stone

Thin (T, TN, TH), Medium (M, ME, MD) - Ideal gemstone proportion

Slightly Thick (STK, ST, SLTK, SLTH), Thick (T, TK, TH )- Excellent to Ideal gemstone proportion

Very Thick (VTK, VTH, VETK, VET) - Good gemstone proportion

Extremely Thick (ET, EXTK, XT, XTK) - May make diamond look smaller, as more depth is taken up by girdle

When purchasing a loose diamond, girdle is not a significant consideration, as a thinner or thicker girdle will not necessarily have a significant impact on the appearance of an otherwise well-cut diamond. However, the same does affect on the size of a diamond as a thick girdle causes much of weight to be accumulated in the center and causing it to look smaller from the top than a diamond of a similar weight with a thinner girdle. A diamond with an extremely thin girdle has a very slight risk of chipping along the girdle edge during setting or while being worn. For those seeking ideal cut diamonds, girdle rated somewhere between Thin and Thick is recommended. A perfectly proportioned diamond would have a Medium girdle rating, though ratings close to Medium are also considered to be expertly cut.

Diamonds with an extremely thick or extremely thin girdle rating are sometimes priced lower than similar diamonds with more ideal girdle ratings, offering a great value to the consumer.

Sometimes a diamond can have a perfect medium girdle around ninety-nine percent of its diameters and is only very thick at one very minute isolated point. This diamond will receive a GIA girdle grade as medium to very thick. In this case, choosing a diamond with a very thick girdle could be acceptable because only one minute part of the girdle reached very thick and it will unlikely affect the diamonds appearance.

A girdle may be faceted (a series of tiny polished sides going around the diamond), bruted (a single continuous unpolished surface going round the diamond), or polished (a bruted girdle that has been polished smooth). Whether a girdle is faceted, bruted, or polished usually has no impact on the appearance or value of the diamond.

The girdle is described according to its width. Often, the width of the girdle varies at different points around the diamond, and is quoted in a range designating the thinnest and thickest point along the girdle (e.g. "Thin - Medium" means the diamond's girdle varies in width from thin at the narrowest point to medium at the widest point).