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Diamond's Clarity

Most of the diamonds contain natural flaws or imperfections. These flaws are called diamond inclusions and are caused by carbon deposits or small feather cracks while the diamond is formed. The clarity of a diamond represents the number, type and size of flaws or inclusion which are present in the diamond.

Clarity of diamond is indicated by a grading ratings as shown below:

Clarity Description

Flawless - No internal or external imperfections visible using a 10X microscope. They are extremely rare and highly valued.


Internally Flawless - This describes stones with no visible interior imperfection but having minor surface blemishes which do show under magnification. Very expensive.


Very, very slightly included - Inclusions that are extremely difficult for a skilled observer to locate under magnification. These tend to appear "perfect" to all but the most trained professionals. These are expensive.


Very slightly included - Very small inclusions that are very difficult for a skilled observer to locate using a 10x microscope. This is where the "values" begin! The upper grades (FL thru VVS2) are great, but the cost is restrictive. VS clarity diamonds are a good choice for someone wishing to balance high quality with relative affordability.


Slightly included - Refers to diamonds which have small inclusions that can be easily located using a 10x microscope. In some instances, such inclusions can be seen with the naked eye, after first being located using a 10x microscope. They represent one of the best values for a nice diamond. The stone will look great, but you don't pay for the additional laboratory-only clarity which makes little actual difference in the appearance and beauty of the stone.


Imperfect - Medium to large inclusions which are readily apparent to a skilled observer with the unaided eye.